Strategic Boardroom Systems

Every Organisation’s Value Depends on Future Performance

SBS builds dynamic models to predict the effects of alternative strategies.

The rate of change is accelerating. Businesses and organisations need to adapt their strategies to meet this challenge. Strategy is no longer a static, cyclical event but a living, dynamic and constantly monitored process that is reviewed and modified.

SBS uses a series of powerful models to represent the function and structure of businesses and their strategies

We know how business and strategies can be modelled. These models can be used to evaluate alternative strategies as well as for strategy performance monitoring.

Our models describe business activity in qualitative and quantitative terms and can include company knowledge assets and relevant social interactions often omitted from conventional organisational analysis.

Once created and linked to the knowledge base these models are used to form a dynamic description of your organisation which can be adapted to meet changing conditions.

SBS models are designed to co-exist with data derived from existing and relevant “business intelligence systems” and combine these feeds with selected external information to obtain a comprehensive picture of your organisation.


Dynamic Business Models

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